How to Write Great Descriptions Into Your Lyrics

How to Write Great Descriptions Into Your Lyrics

The right descriptions will elevate your songs into pieces of art.

The right descriptions will elevate your songs into pieces of art, but that doesn’t mean that they are easy to come by. Descriptions take time to properly craft, and the art of storytelling in your rap song is just as intricate as the art of storytelling in a conventional novel. Ready to write some powerful descriptions into your rap lyrics? What are you waiting for?

Think Like a Filmmaker

First, you should think like a filmmaker designing a shot. You need to constantly shift the point of view in the song so that everyone has a solid description and actions throughout the piece. For example, if you are writing a rap about when you first met your little sister, you would need to constantly switch “angles” in your head between your feelings when you met your sister, your sister’s feelings at seeing you, and your mother’s feelings at watching the two of you interact with one another. There is a great deal of power in the every day, so don’t think that your song’s subject matter is too simple for great descriptions.

Use Your 5 Senses

Your five senses are powerful ways to come up with descriptions, so break out what you learned in elementary school when writing them. Think of what you would be smelling, touching, tasting, seeing, and hearing in any given situation. A great way to take this description method to the next level is using more than one in a sentence. For example, you could say that you “looked into the deep blue eyes of your soft-skinned little sister.”

Bring Things Together on the Outside

You’ve taken time to show how you feel and think on the inside, but you need to end with a description of the outside. Don’t get so caught up in the feelings and emotions of a situation that you forget to include important details like where you were and who else was there. Listeners want to follow the stories in your music, so don’t cheat them out of that opportunity.

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