How to Use Instagram to Build Your Hip Hop Career

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Instagram can help Baltimore hip hop artists find new fans and promote their music.

Baltimore hip hop is distinguished by its visual lyrics which paints vivid pictures about life in the city. This makes Instagram a natural tool in the arsenal of aspiring Baltimore rappers who are trying to get their music out there to a new audience. If you don’t have an Instagram account yet, you should definitely start one as soon as possible! If you already have one and want to build your hip hop career to reach new audiences in Baltimore and nationwide, use these tips.

Share News and Announcements

Have a killer new track or mixtape you’re ready to drop? Instagram is a great place to do it! Use your mixtape artwork as the picture or have a connection good with graphic design whip up something that will stand out on the Instagram feed of your fans.

Expand Your Fan Base

It’s actually not too hard to find new fans on Instagram, provided you understand the power of hashtags. Using general hashtags such as “#HipHop” or “#RapMusic” along with more specific hashtags like “#BaltimoreHipHop” is a great move and you should strive to tag all of your pictures with at least five of them to expand the reach of your posts.

Establish Your Brand

The reason why musicians find a lot of success on Instagram is because it provides a window into their lives which their fans can look into. Fans feel more connected to their favorite musicians, and this affords these musicians an opportunity to shape and establish their brand. For rappers in the Baltimore hip hop scene, photos posted on Instagram can help shape the narrative of their brands and identify it with certain features. Make sure you stay consistent, as consistency is the hallmark of any brand!

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