Tips to Help You Win a Rap Battle

Rap Battle

Step up to the mic and take down your opponent in your next rap battle with these tips.

As a rapper, you may never experience anything more thrilling than battling with another rapper on stage. You have to compete to win over the crowd and there’s nothing better than winning. A rap battle is the ultimate test – your ability to freestyle on the spot can say a lot about your skill in the game. So how do you win a rap battle? Gather up your nerves of steel, then use these tips.

Be Specific with Your Lines

Rap battles are not the time to be dealing with general lines that could apply to anyone. You need to take down your challenger, so make sure your diss lines reference very specific things about the other rapper. The crowds will eat it up and love it, pushing them to your side.

Use Props if You Can

A rap battle can be just like a martial arts movie – the best fighting scenes incorporate everything in the room. If you see posters, t-shirts, or just about anything else that you can use to your advantage in your verses, use them!

Flip Punchlines

If your opponent makes fun of you for wearing cheap clothes, for example, you can take that opportunity to call him out as a pretty boy. Any insult they throw at you should be flipped and used by you for your own advantage. And the more clever your approach in flipping it, the more likely the crowd will be on your side.

Anticipating the Opponent’s Rhymes

When you’re able to anticipate the rhymes your opponent uses, you show the crowd that he’s so lame you can see their rhymes coming from a mile away. The most effective lines and jokes are the ones your opponent doesn’t see coming.

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