Tips to Make Your Next Music Video Go Viral

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Want to make your next music video go viral? Here are some tips.

Making a music video that goes viral is not as simple as it looks. In fact, a lot of it simply comes down to luck. Thousands of videos are uploaded to sites like YouTube every day and only a select few actually attract millions of views. If you aren’t already a mainstream rapper with a huge fan base, it’s going to take some creativity to make a music video that goes viral. Here are some tips to consider as you’re drawing up your next music video.

The Concept Matters

Video viewers are more engaged when there’s a good story or concept behind it. Videos that feature performances can be entertaining, but don’t expect a video that only features you rapping to your song to go viral. Work with the director of your music video to come up with a good concept. They should have some experience doing it for other projects they’ve worked on and together you can come up with an interesting concept to make the video unforgettable.

The Hook that Draws People In

Don’t forget – you’re competing with thousands of other musicians and millions more videos out there for the attention span of your audience. There needs to be a takeaway from the music video that makes people feel like they absolutely must share this with their social networks. It doesn’t take a big budget to do! Make a list of viral videos that you’ve seen lately that you haven’t been able to forget about, then study them to determine which parts of them stood out the most to you. This should clue you in to some ideas which you can then use in your next music video. But make sure you use them in a wholly new creative way!

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