Tips for Improving Your Rap Flow

Tips for Improving Your Rap Flow

As an artist, it’s important to always work on your skills.

As an artist, it’s important to always work on your skills. Painters have to consistently paint in order to develop better techniques; writers should always be reading new material to expand their vocabulary; and rappers should always be working to improve their flow, especially for live performances. To expand your fanbase, book more shows, and ultimately sell more records. The flow is the way a rapper approaches the rhythm and rhyme schemes of a verse. Developing a flow that is unique, catchy, and memorable is key to the overall success of your delivery.


After writing your bars, repeat them over and over again using different beats. This exercise will help you stay flexible. It will also help develop your ear for various rhythms. Try to switch up your intonation on certain words to find a style that best works with the verse and your personal style. Once you get back to the original beat that you plan to record over, you’ll feel much more confident about the performance. You’ll also have the freedom to find the flow that works best with the verse. Repeating your bars using various beats and intonations will help you stay prepared for all performance situations, especially for rappers on the battle circuit. You’ll also have the freedom to switch up your flow during live performances, which can be a crowd pleaser and let your fans know that you’re a well-rounded rapper.


Freestyling is probably the best way to develop your flow. You’ll discover certain techniques and intonations that you gravitate toward when rapping. You’ll also be able to experiment more with new and different techniques that you’ll be able to implement when you write your next verse. Start out slow and go through each bar following a specific flow. Once you get a feel for it, switch it up by increasing your speed or using a different beat. This will give you the ability to hear the way you react to and flow with the music. Find elements that you need to work on or even try to implement that flow of some of your favorite rappers until you’re able to find and define your own.

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