Three Steps to a Better Hook: Writing

Three Steps to a Better Hook: Writing

The hook of your rap song will be about 40% of your song, and writing a hook that powerfully conveys your message is essential.

When it comes to writing a rap song, there are so many components to consider. More than just words and rhyme, the song is about conveying a message. The hook of your rap song will be about 40% of your song, and writing a hook that powerfully conveys your message is essential.

Feel the Beat

For some, it is easiest to pick the beat first before thinking of lyrics. Formatting your rhymes around a beat can be easier than trying to find a beat to fit your rhymes. Different types of beats can be found and sampled online or created in software. Consider the message you are trying to convey and how the cadence and beat contribute to the content of the song.

Find Inspiration in Your theme

You’ve already chosen your theme, and your theme is what should drive your hook. You want to write your hook so each line communicates something different about your main topic. Most hooks are made up of four verses. If you want to go the classic route, a rap is commonly structured around 16 bars.

Think of Something Catchy

A catchy hook can lead the way to a popular song on the radio. Even if radio fame isn’t your goal, a catchy chorus can go a long way toward making your rap memorable. Most people will recall the hook of a song more easily than the rest, so it is a strength to make yours catchy. A fun hook that doesn’t make much sense work well if your theme is light and funny. Others are simply repetition of a certain line to drive home a point. Make sure your lyrics rhyme well together to make them easily recognizable.

Decide How You Want Your Hook to Sound

If you are a rapper who sings well, consider how you want your hook expressed: singing or rapping? If you are an artist who observes trends in pop music and like to sing your hooks, your song may have a wider reach. If singing isn’t really your strong suit and you want to stick to rapping, that’s great too.

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