Three Steps to a Better Hook: The Finishing Touches

Three Steps to a Better Hook: The Finishing Touches

Here’s how to come up with a hook that makes your lyrics as catchy as your beats.

A rap song is way more than a bunch of words that sound good together. It’s a unique form of poetry with a long history that has been used again and again to tell powerful stories and express important points of view. The hook of a rap song, also called the chorus, is one of the song’s most important parts. It’s repeated throughout the song, often being 40% of what a listener hears on any given track. Here’s how to come up with a hook that makes your lyrics as catchy as your beats.  

Pick A Subject

Before you can write a hook or even an entire rap song, you have to know what you want to say. What’s your message or point of view? What do you want to convey? Who is your audience and how do you want to tell them what you want to say? If you feel stuck, there are several things you can do for inspiration. You can listen to other artists or visit lists of song themes online to get inspired.

Don’t Be Afraid To Freestyle

You never know when inspiration will strike. Many artists will spend hours on a piece only to come up with nothing, but then the perfect idea hits them while they are running errands days later. Trust your instincts and always keep a notepad or note taking app with you so you can write down whatever occurs to you whenever inspiration strikes. Just let it flow and be open to creation and see where it goes

Pay Attention To Other Artists

While it is incredibly important that you don’t copy other artists directly and steal their work, pay attention to the artists you like and what they are doing. Since you like their music, you can use it as a springboard to inform your own unique musical style. Don’t just listen to their work, but pay attention to how they do what they do. What kind of language do they use? What kind of structure? What kind of production and organization do they utilize? What kinds of stories do they tell and how do they tell them? Ask these questions and explore them to help you write your own music.

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