Ten Steps to Better Freestyling

Ten Steps to Better Freestyling

Freestyle is a form of rap where you spit out lyrics that you make up on the spot.

If you are looking to enhance your rap career by learning how to freestyle, it can be a difficult task. Freestyle is a form of rap where you spit out lyrics that you make up on the spot. To learn how to start your freestyle and to learn the art of improvisation, read below for helpful tips and tricks.

Step 1, Easy Beginnings

Start off with the easiest rhymes you can think of, don’t try and improvise with bold rhymes, instead start with basic sounds. Instead of trying to make sense at first, just let rhymes flow in a simple rhythm, even if the words are a first-grade level, you are still freestyling.

Step 2, Keep Going

Even if you make mistakes, just keep going. The flow of your verses will move you onward and you will get better. Feel free to make fun of yourself while freestyling and incorporate mistakes into your next line.

Step 3, Stay One Rhyme Ahead

The biggest trick to freestyle is to anticipate what words you are going to be ending each line with. As soon as you finish one line, you should know what you want to end the next line with.

Step 4, Practice by Writing

In freestyle, you are typically not going to be rapping a verse you have already written, however, writing raps can help you practice freestyling. Rhymes become embedded in your mind and you are able to pull them easily.

Step 5, Use Your Environment

This is a great way to prove you are improvising to a crowd. Incorporating random objects, audience members, or other things you can see around you can help inspire smooth rhymes in your head.

Step 6, Use Metaphors

Metaphors and similes can really advance a freestyle. If you want to introduce comedy into your rap to engage the audience, using metaphors is an effective way to do this. This skill can also distinguish you from amateurs.

Step 7, Current Events Are Your Friends

Referencing current events can be a way to speak deeply on something timely or also use it as a comedic relief. These ideas can be close to grab when you’re at a loss for words.

Step 8, Don’t Hold the Mic Too Long

Trade off with other rappers, especially if you are rapping in a group. Pass the mic along and don’t hog it. Trade off the mic for a beat boxing interlude or so one of your other friends can respond.

Step 9, Think Ahead

When you have a break, make sure your brain is constantly moving to plan your next verse. Compose four to six quality lines in your head.

Step 10, Listen

It takes a lot of practice to be great, but you can get there by listening carefully to others and the way they craft their rhymes and by practice.

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