Use Soundcloud to Get Your Tunes Heard


Soundcloud is a great way to present your music and get the masses tuned in!

You should already know that using social media is essential to building your fan base and getting your music heard. One of the more useful social media sites for musicians is Soundcloud. This site can help you host the music you make and give you tools for sharing that music across multiple online platforms. Are you ready to have your tunes heard by more fans? Let’s take a look at why Soundcloud is an essential social media tool for musicians.

Soundcloud is a Hub for Your Music

Above all, Soundcloud gives fans the chance to hear music and makes it easy for them to discover new music. Artists can sign up for an account and the basic service, which allows them to store up to 120 minutes of music at a time, is free. For artists who wish to store more than that, there are also paid options available. Once you’ve signed up for the service, you’ll need to upload your music (perhaps your fire mixtape?) to the site in any one of the more common file formats.

Get Your Tunes Out There

Once your tunes have been uploaded, use your other social media platforms to share and promote your music with your fans. Soundcloud makes it very easy for fans to share what they like as well, giving them options to share on all major platforms. You can also experiment with some of the various features Soundcloud offers. The Spotlight feature allows you to pin 3 audio files at the top of your page, which is useful for promoting new singles. The Set feature groups songs that fit together within a single “set”. This is an especially useful feature for albums and mixtapes whose song files are separate. Getting started on Soundcloud is one step of many on your journey to music stardom!

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