Which Type of Rapper Are You?

Types of Rapper

When you step up to the mic, which type of rapper comes out?

Rap has seen many different styles and techniques over the years. Different rappers have expressed themselves in many different ways, leading to new movements and different ways to rap. Which type of rapper are you? Knowing this may guide you in your craft when you sit down to write your songs. Here are a few different types.

The Lyricist

A rapper who is said to be a lyricist tends to pay special attention to the lyrics of their songs. They try to be clever and thoughtful in their writing. Lyrically complex rappers weave their verses with other elements of rap such as rhyme or other literary techniques. Examples: Andre 3000, Lupe Fiasco

The Storyteller

The storyteller is a rapper who can tell an entire story within a song or an album. This is considered pretty difficult to do, but if you can hold the attention of your listener by telling a great story in a few minutes, you might be a storyteller! Examples: Ab-Soul, Slick Rick

The Party Rapper

Most likely, you’re not going to hear lyricists or storytellers when you go out to the club. Nor would you want to! The party rapper doesn’t worry too much about their lyrics. Instead, they focus on the beats with bass and drums taking over in importance. Examples: Tyga, 2 Chainz

The Technical Rapper

While lyricists tend to be clever with their writing, technical rappers are more interested in the structure and the sound of the lyrics. Cadence and flow are more important for them than telling a story. However, a great technical rapper can be completely mesmerizing, bending language to their will. Examples: Eminem, Jay-Z

The Conscious Rapper

Conscious rappers create awareness for various causes. They tend to focus inward to provide solutions through the method of self-knowledge. If you have a message you’re trying to convey to the world, listen to the best conscious rappers and follow their lead. Examples: Common, Kendrick Lamar

The Political Rapper

Very similar to conscious rappers, except they rap more about laws and the issues of political power and social issues. They turn rap music into a call for change and action. They end up being some of the most outspoken musicians around, but they have legions of adoring fans. Examples: N.W.A, Public Enemy, Tupac

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