NEW MIXTAPES: Peso Da Mafia and Lor Choc

Peso Da Mafia

Peso Da Mafia are releasing their new mixtape “What Matters Most” on New Year’s Eve 2016!

The streets of Baltimore are alive with the fresh sounds of hip hop and En La Calle Records is proud to play a part in documenting these sounds. The unique beats and rhythms created by the city’s talented rappers create a sound that is uniquely Baltimore but that have a universal appeal and are rooted in the general history of hip hop music. Today we are proud to announce two new mixtapes – one from one of the most talented and unique rappers in the city, the other from a tag team of artists telling the true story of life on the streets. The new mixtape from Peso Da Mafia “What Matters Most” will drop on New Year’s Eve and Lor Choc’s new mixtape will drop the next day on New Year’s Day.

About Peso Da Mafia

Peso Da Mafia is the project of Baltimore rappers Shordie Shordie and PDM Purp. Shordie Shordie was born and raised in the trenches of Northeast Baltimore. He creates sounds that are a unique combination of harmonies and rhythmic syncopations. PDM Purp, also from the streets of Northeast Baltimore, is the calming force behind Peso Da Mafia. His lyrics tell the story of his life on the streets of Baltimore that resonate with others and hit very close to home. Together, Peso Da Mafia have collaborated with fellow Baltimore artist Tate Kobang, as well as Philadelphia artist PNB Rock and Sy Jones from California. Their new mixtape “What Matters Most” needs to be part of your New Year’s celebrations when it drops on 12/31/2016!What Matters Most - Peso Da Mafia

Lor Choc

On New Year’s Day, Lor Choc will drop her second mixtape onto the world. Her first mixtape, “Worth the Wait”, has been streamed over 20,000 times and has accumulated over 5,000 downloads since it was released in October 2016. Listed as one of “This Week’s Top 100” on WorldStar Hip Hop, this uniquely Baltimore artist is inserting herself into the conversation as one of the most significant artists in the city!

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