The MP3 is Dead. Long Live the MP3.


The MP3 is not actually dead, meaning we’ll still be able to share great new music easily.

Last month, the company in Germany that created the MP3 format announced that they were terminating their licensing program. Many people took that to mean that MP3s were now officially dead and that the era of music streaming had now truly taken hold for good. How will Baltimore hip-hop artists be able to get their music out there without this vital piece of technology that we all just kind of took for granted? Actually, the MP3 is not dead – the media simply missed one key part of the story.

The MP3 is Now Patent-Free

The actual thing that happened has to do with some of the technical legalities around MP3s. Basically, the German company who created the MP3 collected a little bit of money every time someone bought an iPod or a piece of audio software. Last month they decided to let that patent expire – all it means is that people who want to create or use MP3s don’t need a license in order to do so anymore!

All of Your Music is Safe

MP3s really took off in the hip-hop community and gave us the ability to make custom mixtapes very easily. So you could forgive some of us for thinking that this latest news about MP3s was a tragedy. However, it’s also worth pointing out that many musicians have already made the switch to streaming – consider that our own Lor Choc HD’s first mixtape “Worth the Wait” has only been download 9,000 times since its release in October, but has been streamed almost 38,000 times! In addition, other audio formats such as AAC have been getting more popular since these are smaller than MP3s, but sound just as good. The MP3 is dead – long live the MP3.

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