Make Your Mixtape Fire


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Make your mixtape fire, fam.

So, you want to sign with En La Calle? That’s cool, but you need to bring you’re A game. You need to show us that you have what it takes to drop the dopest verses in the street. Today we’re going to be talking about how you can put together a mixtape that will show your skills and get you to the top. Let’s take a look.

Make your first song pop.

First impressions are really important, so you need to make a good one. Make sure that the hottest track on the mixtape is the first one so that you can set the tone for a successful sound. To determine which of your tracks is the most appropriate, listen to the label you’re sending your things into. Find out what they sound like and pay attention to the types of artists they’re into. That way, you can find a place where you fit into the group.

Provide an overall experience through your mixtape.

Yes, the first song is important, but the whole mixtape is what will make or break you. Make sure the tracks flow; let them tell a story from the first beat to the last verse. You want the label to listen not only to your music, but to who you are as an artist. Remember that labels don’t pick up albums, they pick up artists. Make sure that you show us who you are through your sound and expect to step it up a notch if you get accepted. Think of your mixtape as an audition. You need to put your best foot forward and you need to polish it up.

Signing with En La Calle will take you to the next level.

Are you ready to drop your next mixtape? Do you think you have what it takes to join En La Calle? Submit your tracks to We’ll give them a listen and see if you’re ready to join the ranks of a label that is dedicated to the community and bringing the world lit beats. Give us a listen right here and you’ll see why we’re on the come up. You can also check us out on itunes using #EnLaCalleRecords.

Follow our amazing talent on social media and find out what they’re up to. You should also make sure to check back to our blog often so that you can stay up on the latest events, tracks, and news.

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