Looking for a Manager? Use These 5 Tips

Getting a Manager

To break into the record industry, a manager is as essential as great tracks!

Many talented musicians start out making a demo in their basement (or a friend’s recording studio), handing it out to friends and family, and mailing it to producers with the hope of getting signed. However, many talented musicians never get heard directly as a result of using this method. If you are trying to break into the music industry, getting a manager is one of the most important things that you can do. Here are 5 tips to help you get a great manager who will help get your music out there.

How Do They Feel About Your Music?

When you hire a manager, you need them to truly believe in your music and your talent. A manager who is just in it for the money (or potential money) will not have your best interests at heart. They will flock to another act that seems to be up-and-coming at the first chance, so make sure that your manager isn’t just passionate about making money, but that they are also passionate about you.

Look Online

One of the best ways to find a manager is by putting your music and talents onto a music forum for your genre or niche. Tons of music fans and professionals spend lots of time looking through forums for the next big thing, so advertising your need for a manager is a great way to find one.

Who Do You Know?

If you are nervous about placing your trust in a manager that you just met, consider who you already know. Is one of your friends great at music management? Do you have a colleague who is looking to break into the management industry? It’s okay to pick a friend who is also still learning the ropes as a manager, especially since you are just learning too!

Don’t Go In Without Preparation

Especially if you decide to hire a friend as your manager, make sure that you draw up a physical signed contract before you officially enter into business together. Treat everything, even gigs that aren’t making you any cash, like a business transaction and keep impeccable records. Keep track of paperwork and files.

Is Your Manager Doing Their Job?

Once you find a manager, pay attention to what they are and aren’t doing over the course of the first few months. Your manager should always try to help move your music forward more than you could on your own. If they aren’t making a difference, it’s time to look for a new manager.

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