What Does an Indie Record Label Do?

Indie Record Label

Indie labels have a lot of advantages for artists over the major labels.

We are proud here at En La Calle Records of being an indie hip hop record label. It means we can focus more in on the great music being made here in Baltimore. Indie record labels operate much differently than one of the major labels. Do you know how we operate? Let’s take a look today at what an indie record label is and does for artists.

What is an Indie Record Label?

An indie record label is one that is independently funded. That is, it is not connected to one of the big three major record labels – Sony BMG, Universal Music Group, or Warner Music Group. Indie record labels run the spectrum from very small home-based hobby labels to large, highly profitable businesses. In the 90s many of the smaller indie labels were absorbed and taken over by the major labels, but even today there are hundreds of labels proud to call themselves independent. The indie record labels have had a tremendous creative impact on music and scenes.

Why Would an Artist Sign With an Indie Label?

One of the biggest benefits for an artist or group to sign with an independent record label is because they have more freedom to choose which artists they work with. If the label expresses interest in an artist, it means the people at the label really like your music and want to promote it. They also usually provide much more creative freedom to artists than major labels and won’t ask you to make changes to your sound or image. Indie labels also tend to sign artists to shorter, but fairer, contracts. If the relationship isn’t working, you won’t be locked into a long deal like you might at a major label. However, having success at an independent label can raise the profile of the artist, the label itself, and the scene as a whole!

Signing with En La Calle will take you to the next level.

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