How Living in Baltimore Can Launch Your Hip-Hop Career

Baltimore residents know it better than anyone else: Baltimore is the best city in America. And that certainly is the case if you’re someone looking to launch your hip-hop or rap career. Baltimore might be small, but it sure is mighty. Its strength is measured by its closely-knit communities and hard-working individuals. There are many opportunities, city-wide, to expose your music to people who understand the city that made you.


Here are a few reasons why Baltimore is a great place to get yourself and your music out there.

Sense of Pride, Sense of Self

Marylanders, in general, have a lot of pride for their home state. Who else use their state flag for…literally everything. From shorts to lanyards to the UMD football jerseys, everything is that red, yellow, black, and white design we are all oh-so-familiar with. And that pride certainly exists within the boundaries of Baltimore City as well. Baltimoreans’ sense of pride is unmatched, as it should be. It’s a city full of people who work hard for what they have. Let that sense of pride be shown in your lyrics. You know who you are and what made you that way. Everyone who lives here feels connected to the city in some way. Channel your pride into the energy of your music.

Communities That Get It

Part of Baltimoreans’ sense of pride is understanding the people within their own community. You know your neighborhood, and they know you. You have an entire community of people who are willing to, not only come to your shows but promote them as well. As your career takes off, don’t forget the people that have supported you and your music since day one. These are your people who molded you into the person and artist that you’ve become. Even with growth and learning curves ahead, it’s important to value the community that really knows you.

Various Venues

Baltimore’s emerging, or perhaps, re-emerging, music scene is the best way to spread the world about who you are and what you’ve got. With so many venues all over the city to get in contact with, you’ll be sure to make connections in no time. Be confident. Be strong. Be your best Baltimore artist self.

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