Get More People to Your Shows with These Tips

Getting More People at Shows

Make your shows stand out as THE place to be in town with these tips!

When you start rapping at shows, it can be a little tough to get people to come out for them. Consider all the things people can do on a Friday night – between Netflix and chill, video games, and all of the other options available in a city, how do you make your gig stand out as the place to be? Luckily, there are many ways to get more people to your shows. Use these tips to get noticed and increase turnouts at your shows!

Promote Your Shows

Surprisingly, a lot of musicians assume that word of mouth alone or the venue will bring people into their shows. Smart artists know that you have to do the work of promotion to get people to come. Promote your gig on every social media channel you have. Reach out to your local community and ask them to attend your shows. Chances are some of them will be converted into permanent fans! Don’t forget to thank them for coming after the show.

Team Up with Other Artists

Find out who else is performing at your gig and reach out to them to double your promotion efforts. This is especially when you have a performance in a new city – if the other act is a local one, they should be able to reach out to their network to get a paying audience into the show. Do the same thing for out-of-town acts at shows in your home city.

Make Flyers

Paper the town with flyers promoting your show. It would be great if they are artistic and look cool, but the most important part is to make sure the date, time, and location are easy to identify and read. Reach out to local businesses like bookstores, coffee shops, record stores… anywhere you think would be happy to display your flyer.

Mailing List

Give an incentive to your fans for signing up for an email list at your merch table. That way you have a ready made list of people to reach out to the next time you have a show or tour to promote!

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