How to Get Your Music on the Radio

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Want to get your songs on the radio? Here are some tips for doing it!

It’s every musical artist’s dream – hearing a song you wrote and performed on the radio. While some hip hop hits gain popularity by going viral online, you shouldn’t discount the impact of radio airplay on building your fan base and getting the word out about your music. However, it can be a little confusing to figure out how exactly music ends up on the radio, especially for lesser known local artists. Here are some tips for how to get your stuff played over the airwaves.

1. Build Your Online Presence

Getting the word out about your music will first involve building your presence online through social media. It may be sad to think about, but some programming managers (the people at radio stations who decide what music to play) won’t play artists on the radio who do not already have a certain size audience ready for it. So get the word out there and demonstrate to PMs that you’re ready for radio play.

2. Start with College Radio Stations First

We’d all love our music to start at big, popular, commercial radio stations playing alongside the latest from Future. The truth is that it’s highly unlikely this will happen – commercial stations get tons of emails every week and the chance that your music will get noticed is slim to none. So reach out to noncommercial stations such as the ones operated by local colleges. The PMs at these stations are more open to new talent and are more likely to notice your songs. And getting traction at a college radio station will make it more likely for you to break into the commercial radio world.

3. Make Sure Your Music is Fit to Send

If you don’t send your music to the stations properly, the PMs will assume that it isn’t high quality enough for their station. Follow the process to the letter and ensure that your tunes get the same level of consideration as those from bigger labels. Call the station to find out more information about how to send your music to them properly.

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