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In today’s hip hop game, it’s not just what you know, but who you know that matters. The same is true for the music industry as a whole. After all, skills will only get you so far – you’ve got to make the right connections, too. At En La Calle Records, we have a family of unique artists, each one brings something different to the table. We’ve got our finger on the pulse of West Baltimore’s hip hop scene, and if you’re an aspiring artist who is just starting out, maybe you’ll find yourself on this list one day. Here are the artists we currently represent.

Deeboy HD

Deeboy HD draws in his fans and audiences with his own unique vocal style. Born and raised in West Baltimore, Deeboy HD creates hip hop lullabies that will help you clear your mind.

Geter HD

Originally from South Baltimore, Geter HD is part of the HD music group. He is best known for his collaborations with other high-profile artists, such as PNB Rock, Jada Kiss, and Styles P. With his fellow HD artists Deeboy HD and Lor Choc HD, Geter HD has made many hits. His unique ability to compose music and lyrics in real time make him a valuable part of the En La Calle family.

Lor Choc

Lor Choc is best known for her freestyle videos on World Star Hip Hop, which have received over a million views. Her newest single “Fast Life” is hitting charts everywhere. Lor Choc’s free-flowing style carries into her music to create her own distinctive tunes.


Juice combines street smarts and smooth beats and brings his own unique style to En La Calle. His constant hunger for knowledge and his authentic personality fuse together to create his hip hop style.

Wizzy Wiz

Originally from West Baltimore, Wizzy Wiz aka Westside Wizz is a musician and songwriter and the CEO of En La Calle Records. She started making music in high school but didn’t really get serious about it until returning from her deployment in Afghanistan with the US Army in 2012. Since then, she has dedicated her life to making En La Calle and its artists the best that they can be.


Originally from Baltimore, Reezie had a pretty rough childhood that he overcame through his talent for making music. His incredibly versatile style adds a unique element to the En La Calle family.

Fameboy Tay

Born and raised right here in Baltimore, Fameboy Tay has been with En La Calle since the beginning. His most well-known singles are “Where I’m from” and “Check Me a Bag”. He is also well-known for being the featured artist on the hit track by Blue Benjamin Beezy called “Unorthodox”.

Keep Up with En La Calle Records

At En La Calle, we lay down tracks that tell the stories of what life is like here in Charm City. All of our artists bring something different to the table. We don’t follow any “formulas” to create our art. So, if you want to listen to some talented artists who keep it real, follow En La Calle. Check out our music here or search on iTunes for En La Calle Records and you’ll see why we’re different. To see more of what we’re up to and listen to more of our tracks, follow us on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube.

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