Creating Your Own Hip Hop Music Persona and Brand

Hip Hop Persona

Your hip hop persona should be a reflection of your beliefs that seeps into every aspect of your performance.

Jay Z once said that he’s not a businessman, he’s “a business, man”. In order for you to stand out from the pack of wannabes out there, you need to take these words to heart. Creating a persona is essential for building up your brand in hip hop, especially in the Baltimore hip hop scene. Every great rapper, past and present, has had a strong persona and brand identity that seeps into everything they do from their social media posts to their promotional photos and their music. Here’s how you should approach creating your own hip hop music persona.

Understand What You Believe

A strong, consistent, and clear personality is necessary to build connections with your fans. Go beyond the standard “I just want to make good music” mindset and do some thinking to understand what you believe in and what you’re passionate about. Doing this soul searching can lead you to a better idea of how to incorporate it into your hip hop persona.

Invest in Professional Photos and a Quality Biography

High-quality photos are as much of a necessity in today’s music world as great music! If you have any connections that take professional photography, ask them if they can help you out. They have an eye for that kind of thing and can help you figure out settings, feelings, and poses that fit in with your intended persona. A good bio is also important as it helps tell your story to the outer world. Don’t sell yourself short – make your story compelling!

Sell Good Merchandise

The merch table is another great place to sell your brand. T-shirts, stickers, and pins are all good places to start, but you can also get really creative and show who you really are. Think outside the box and deliver good stuff to your fans that they’ll get excited about!

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