Choosing the Track Order of Your Next Mixtape

Track Order

Grab the attention of your listener and hold it by arranging your mixtape with a great track order.

A lot of artists will say that coming up with a track order for mixtapes and albums simply comes down to inspiration. Many times, the hit single will be at or near the top of the order, especially for major pop artists. As an artist, you’re free to choose any track order you want for your mixtape! But there are a few tips you can follow to make sure that the track order of your mixtape is arranged to grab your audience and not let go until the final track ends.

The Opening Track is the Most Important

DJ mixtapes, crafted especially for the dance floor, are designed to build slowly and peak about ¾ of the way to the end. But for a hip hop mixtape, you need to grab the ear of the listener and set the mood of the entire project right away. Make it so that they simply can’t stop listening to your music. It’s very important to choose a banger for your first track, so consider the first song of your track list very seriously.

Stay Consistent to Your Theme

Many of the best mixtapes are built around a specific theme. This is a delicate matter because you need to avoid sounding repetitious from track to track, or else your audience will grow bored. Strike a balance between varying the tracks you decide to include on the mixtape and centering them around a specific theme. If the audience can discover new things or sounds on the tape every time they listen to it, they will listen to it more often, and you have done your job well.

Stay Relevant

Does your mixtape have a purpose? Don’t just include tracks on the list simply because you can. Good artists value the time their listeners are putting into their mixtapes and sequence the track order appropriately, choosing tracks that are highly relevant, either to the theme overall or to certain current events.

Be Yourself!

A mixtape is a perfect opportunity to show yourself and your personality off to the world! Being yourself will go a long way toward establishing trust with your audience and building your fan base.

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