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Use social media to build your fan base and get your music out there to those who want to hear it!

Musicians, especially hip hop musicians, know that having a good fan base is critical to their own success. Dedicated fans are the lifeblood of any successful act – they’re the ones who will go to your gigs, buy your records and merchandise, and tell all their friends about you! While you could rely on word of mouth alone, social media is a faster and more efficient way to build your fan base and keep your gigs packed. Here are some ways to use social media to your advantage.

Grow Your Likes

Placing social connect buttons on your website will allow you to get the word out there and give your fans a closer relationship with your art. You’ll want to give everyone who comes into contact with your work the chance to easily follow your social media accounts and share your posts. By placing social connect buttons at the top of every page of your website, fans won’t have to scroll through a page to share it with their friends. Plaster your printed gig flyers with your social media accounts and ask your fans at gigs to follow you on them.


Connecting with other people in the music industry on social media will open doors for you to share your art. By networking, you can discover new venues to play and cross-promote shows with other artists. Commenting and interacting with other artists’ work will lead them in turn to promote your own material.

Social Media Ad Campaigns Work

Facebook, in particular, has a lot of tools to help you market your work to people looking for it. Their ad campaigns are relatively inexpensive and are highly customizable so your music can reach exactly the people you want to hear it. You may even make some new connections which can lead in turn to new networking opportunities!

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