What’s the Best Way to Write Your Rap Lyrics?


How to Write Lyrics

Do you prefer using a pencil and paper or typing on a phone when you write your lyrics?

Seriously, what is the best way to write?  Either way, you need to figure out which works for you.  Eminem uses paper.  Drake writes on his phone. Wiz Khalifa records on his phone.  How does your brain work?  What is the best way for you to be able to commit your rap lyrics to memory?  After all, it is your art.  

On a Computer

Write faster: Plain and simple, it’s easier to type super fast than it is to write fast.  Get your rap lyrics down as soon as they come to you.

Back it up: If you’re on a computer, it’s super easy to organize and back up your songs.  If you’re looking for a specific thing, all you need to do is search for it.

Memorization issues: If you’re typing something quickly, how are you going to remember it?  You could be the most talented artist of all time, but if you’re performing and you forget the lyrics to your own rap that could get awkward really fast.

Requires investing in a backup drive: Computers can crash.  Cloud storage can be hacked.  If you really want to protect your rap lyrics, you need to invest in a physical backup drive.  These drives are password protected so if somebody wanted to steal your work, they would have to get the drive AND figure out how to get into it.

Or on Paper

Slightly improved rhyming ability: When you write something down, if you’re like most people, you write quite a bit slower than you type.  It’s probably not even physically possible to write 80 words per minute. You read what you’re writing as you write it.  So, it can help you step up your word play and rhyme game.    

Easier memorization: Remember way back in the day when you were in spelling class and the teacher told you to write each word three times for homework.  There’s a reason for that.  When we write things down like that our brains have an easier time remembering them.  

Sorry, no backup: When you’re writing your rap lyrics, you probably don’t Xerox every little piece of scratch paper or every page in each of your 500 notebooks so your stuff might get lost.  Unless you’re someone who is super organized all the time in everything they do.  If you are, kudos to you!  You’ve got this!

Writing speed: Most people can type 80 words per minute, or more.  Can you write that fast?  If you can, awesome!  If you can’t write with superhuman speed and you’re working against the clock, you may want to consider another way.

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