The Anatomy of the Beats


Great beats are the foundation of every good hip hop track. Learn more how to craft them!

Many people, including some artists, fail to completely appreciate the hard work and effort that goes into making beats for hip hop and rap songs. It is one of the most necessary pieces of a successful song but often complex and difficult to come up with. If you’re an aspiring producer or an artist looking to make your own beats, here are some steps on crafting the perfect beats.

Getting Tight Sounds

No matter what style you’re going for, making sure the sounds are tight is critical to getting your song heard. Find drum kits and loops that have extra flair to make your beats stand out. Check out producer packs for your digital audio workstation and experiment until you find something that sounds great.

Understanding Beat Structure

You don’t have to study music theory to understand what makes a good beat but listen to other hip hop tracks to get a feel for beat structure. Most hip hop beats feature syncopated kicks along with a snare or clap every other bar, and closed and open hi-hats are featured in many modern styles such as crunk and trap.

Making Instrumental Loops

Listening carefully to great hip hop and rap songs will show that most are made with repetitive loops. The type of tracks you use for your loop should reflect the emotion you want your track to convey. It’s important not to make the loops too complex, otherwise, the rapper will have to work harder to stand out on the track. The loop you use for choruses should feature some type of catchy hook in order to stick in the listener’s ear long after they hear the song!

Adding a Bassline

Once you have your loops written, it is pretty easy to add a bassline that adds to the original loops without competing with it. Good basslines are subtle and don’t overpower either the loops or the rapper.

Adding Effects

Don’t go crazy with the reverb, bass boost, or delay effects! Adding them in subtly will add a nice nuance and texture to the track.

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