5 Tools for Success in Your Hip Hop Career

5 Tools for Success in Your Hip Hop Career

A hip hop career is not an easy path to set off on, but it can be incredibly rewarding if you truly love what you are doing.

A hip hop career is not an easy path to set off on, but it can be incredibly rewarding if you truly love what you are doing. From the increasing popularity of social media to a greater appreciation for hip hop artists, now is a great time to start your hip hop career. Here are five fo the tools you’ll need for success!

Work on Your Stage Presence

Live shows are the best way to win new fans and excite your existing fans. You need to work hard to put on a great live show. If your plan for acing it is standing still on stage rapping your lyrics, you should think again! Fans expect a lot from a $20 ticket, so make sure that you work your hardest to exceed their expectations.

Get a Team on Your Side

Going at it alone is never a good idea! Your primary focus throughout your hip hop career should be working on your music, your lyrics, and your talent, not worrying about every single aspect of your management. Find a team of trusted experts who can assist with your career and help round out the places where your talents don’t lie, whether that means social media or finances. You might be surprised how many people you have in your direct network who could help with every aspect of your hip hop career!


Even if you won’t be the primary person handling your marketing strategy, you should still have a heavy hand in developing it. Your marketing plan should aim to make as many potentially-interested fans aware of your music as possible, in addition to developing a consistent brand identity. Make sure that the image you portray in your music matches the image you paint of yourself online.

Grow Your Fanbase

No successful hip hop career is the result of a single fan or a small group of fans. Instead, success means growing and maintaining a large fanbase to support your work and share it with others. Don’t just pay attention to fans on social media, either, as many hip hop artists buy fake fans to make up for low engagement. Your true fans will support you with their cash by attending shows and purchasing your albums.

Avoid Drama

Finally, you should work your hardest to avoid drama. Many hip hop careers are built on drama, and it never pays off. Instead, you should try to stay out of unnecessary conflict and controversy as much as possible.

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