5 More Tools for Success in Your Hip Hop Career

5 More Tools for Success in Your Hip Hop Career

Every artist needs an arsenal of tools for breaking into the industry and taking the world by storm.

Every artist needs an arsenal of tools for breaking into the industry and taking the world by storm. Check out five more tips for building the momentum in your hip hop career. 

Maintain an Online Presence

Write a blog, respond to your fans, comment on trendy hip hop topics. It’s important for your exposure that you maintain and build relationships through these channels. You’ll reach a much larger audience and people will become much more familiar with your work once they know your name and see some of the things that you have to say, and your involvement in the industry. Be consistent with your content; that consistency will result in loyalty from your fanbase.

Get Creative with Promotion

Gone are the days of selling your tapes and CDs out of the back of your car. As the ways in which people consume music change, your approach to promoting your sound to change as well. Indie artists put out new music every day, so it’s important to find creative ways to stand out among the crowd. Create an entire brand for yourself alongside your music.

Represent Your Hometown

It’s true that you want your appeal to be as wide as possible to build the momentum in your career, but don’t forget to represent your hometown on your way to the top. The stories that you tell about growing up in your city and neighborhood will be appreciated by your local fans, but also add an endearing element to your music that your national fans will dig as well.

Invest in Your Career

All business ventures require some amount of investment; it takes money to make money. On your way to the top, take your earnings and put them back into your brand. Be sure to develop a financially-savvy business plan. Be careful to put the right people in your corner; people who are just as invested in your career as you are and not so much in the fame and accumulating a fortune.

Become the Best

Never forget to continually master your craft. No matter how successful you become in your career, you should remain a student of the game. The music industry is cyclical in the way that trends come and go and resurface again. Stay on the pulse of the hip hop scene in order to stay current on what’s hot and what’s now.

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