4 Reasons to Turn Down a Gig

4 Reasons to Turn Down a Gig

It can be hard to find good gigs, especially if you are just starting your career as a local music artist.

It can be hard to find good gigs, especially if you are just starting your career as a local music artist. However, sometimes it’s important to turn down a gig. Here are four signs that you should turn down the gig you are being offered.

The Venue or Promoter is Bad News

If you start researching a venue or promoter after receiving an offer and see nothing but a slew of bad reviews, it’s a sign that you should steer clear. These gigs are especially worrisome if they offer you a pay-to-play gig, where you need to sell tickets and give the money to the promoter in exchange for a spot. It is easy to tell if a venue might be bad news nowadays thanks to the internet, so do your research beforehand. Keep in mind that you have your reputation to protect.

The Money Situation

Sometimes gigs pay a large amount of money, so they are an easy choice. However, sometimes gigs don’t offer huge payouts but provide you with a great amount of exposure to potential and current fans. You should always weigh the pros and cons of accepting a lower-paying gig to get increased exposure as a result. There is nothing wrong with turning down a gig opportunity for money.

The Oversaturation Factor

Once your band becomes a known local quantity, you need to make sure you aren’t oversaturating local venues. If you have many shows every year in a certain area, people won’t see anything special about a particular show. As a result, they’ll get tired of your band and stop coming out to see you. By creating a certain degree of scarcity, you can ensure shows that are close-to-sold-out instead of close-to-empty.

The Preparation Factor

When was the last time you rehearsed? If you just got an offer for a gig three days away and you haven’t practiced in over a month, you should probably turn the gig down. If you end up taking the gig and have a terrible performance due to your lack of preparation, you can do irreparable harm to your brand and not get another gig offer any time soon.

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