4 Reasons Record Labels Don’t Accept Unsolicited Material

4 Reasons Record Labels Don’t Accept Unsolicited Material

Many labels don’t accept unsolicited material and they have good reason.

If you’ve been thinking of ways to get the attention of a record label and thought that going straight to the top would be a great option, then think again. Many labels don’t accept unsolicited material and they have good reason. Consider these factors before you send that demo. 

Legal Issues

With the complexities of entertainment law and intellectual property, record labels are trying to avoid getting sued as much as possible. If your demo ends up on an executive’s desk and an artist that is already signed to the label puts out a record that has any musical or lyrical similarities to your work, you may have a case for pursuing litigation. Record labels want to avoid this scenario as much as possible. It could create a costly and time-consuming situation. If you do happen to find a label that still accepts unsolicited materials, chances are you’re going to have to sign an iron-clad waiver.

Additional Work

The workload of a record label is already heavy and stacked. Executives, producers, and writers are already listening to tons of material from signed artists that needs to be approved, redirected, or just altogether trashed. In some cases, they may consider listening to a track from an artist that has been recommended by a more reputable source. Ultimately, not accepting unsolicited materials helps control the amount of material that the powers-that-be have to sort through.

Screening Process

Every label has a style or vibe that they adhere to. Even if they have different divisions, the music that comes in must fit the overall brand of the label. With unsolicited materials, there’s no telling if the sound fits what the label is looking for. Therefore, sometimes it’s not even about if the demo is good or high-quality, it might be sent to the wrong audience. In most cases, when execs get new music, it goes through a screening process, from assistants to interns, and then up the leadership ladder.

No Name Recognition

You have no industry connections and the label has no reason to look twice at your name. Start by gaining some industry connections. Attend events, introduce yourself to DJs and promoters; get into the inner circle of the label and work your way up the ladder by making personal connections. Once you add weight to your name, it will be harder to come up with a reason for not listening to your material.

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