4 Paths to Indie Hip-Hop Success

Indie Hip-Hop Success

Do you have what it takes to reach the heights of success as an indie hip-hop artist?

Hip-hop has never had more of a foothold in popular culture and Baltimore hip-hop has never been as relevant as it is today. Indie hip-hop artists can ride that wave of popularity to greater heights of success if they know what they’re doing. Create a strong foundation, never quit, and use these four tips to get to the top of the game.

1. Master the Craft

It sounds obvious, but too many rappers will put out song after song without considering whether they’re ready for the public to hear it. If you don’t have a tireless dedication to the craft, you’re not going to make it. The rewards go to those who work hard and become the best artist they can be. Marketing and promotion can only go so far unless you have killer tracks, and the only way to get killer tracks is to work for them.

2. Stage Presence

Stage fright is natural for a little while, but you need to get over it quickly and work on your stage presence when performing live. You don’t have to go out of character, but nobody finds it fun or memorable to watch a rapper just stand still up on stage rapping for 20 minutes. Move around and make your audience feel the music, not just hear it!

3. Assemble a Supportive Crew

Great musicians rarely succeed alone. Even notable indie hip-hop artist Chance the Rapper has a strong team supporting him. Build relationships with people who you think could help you reach the top. Attend local shows and support other local artists. As the saying goes, a rising tide raises all boats – this is especially true in the indie hip-hop scene.

4. Don’t Forget About Home

Rappers have been fond of referencing their homes in lyrics for decades and hometown pride is still a major part of hip-hop, from Kendrick and Compton to Drake and Toronto. Make sure your hometown Baltimore shows are truly something special especially once you’ve made it. They’re the ones who have supported you from the beginning – show the 410 some love!

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