3 Steps to Writing Your Next Hip Hop Hit

hip hop hit

Follow these tips to help you write the next hip hop hit!

There’s really no set formula to creating that next hip hop hit. In fact, many have tried, and that search for a cookie-cutter approach has led to much of the trash we hear on the radio today! But there is a general guideline you can follow which, combined with inspiration, thought, passion, and a little bit of talent, can help you in writing a great song.

1. Picking the Right Beat

Beat selection is important because it’s the first thing a listener will hear and notice about a song. Think of all the great hip hop classics; chances are the first thing you remember is the beat. The beat is all about setting the mood or vibe for the song. Don’t settle for just anything – you’ll want the beat to convey exactly the kind of style you’re going for, so take your time choosing the right one.

2. Planning the Framework

We’ve listed this as step 2, though having a song concept may come first and dictate the kind of beat you’re looking for. This involves planning out the general message of a song. Are you going to tell a story? Speak out on a particular subject? It’s good to follow your passions to determine where you go with a song.

3. Write the Song!

Every artist has different ways of writing songs, but a good direction to go if you’re unsure is to start with the hook or chorus. Once you write that, it should be easier to write the verses. Great hip hop tracks have great hooks that summarize the message of a song and verses that go into descriptive detail. Make use of melodies on the track if the mood allows it – a good melody can make a track even more memorable. Learn from the greats and perfect your rhyme schemes and flow, but also keep your own distinctive style. And there you have it – your next hip hop hit!

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