3 Inner Traits of Natural Born Musicians

Traits of Musicians

Natural born musicians seem to have the same inner traits.

Everyone knows that musicians are just a little bit different from everyday normal human beings. Their brains seem to be wired differently. In fact, this is basically true, as the creative side of the brain is more active in musicians and other artists than other people. Being good at music can involve a lot of hard work, but sometimes you just need to have the natural born temperament of a musician to thrive. Are you a natural born musician? These three inner traits are pretty common no matter what style of music you work with!

1. Natural Curiosity

Musicians have to know things – its in their DNA! Many of the great musicians were naturally curious about a lot of things and they put that to work in their music. What happens if you run that sound through that filter, or place the microphone in this position as opposed to that one? Exploration and experimentation is critical to making fresh sounds, and, luckily, you’re just the type to figure it out.

2. Unfazed by Rejection

A musician is likely to hear the word “no” a lot over the course of their career. It doesn’t matter how talented or famous you might be – there will always be times when you lose out on a feature or a gig because someone else was there first or you didn’t have the right connections. These rejections might sting, but they don’t deter you from your ultimate goal.

3. Empathetic

Great lyric writers are able to put themselves in the shoes of others. If you’re able to feel the pain of other people, congratulations – you have a great sense of empathy! This trait is one of the most essential for successful musicians, yet it is a tough one to cultivate. Most people are just born with it!

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