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  • 04.06.18

    It's important to know the difference between these old-school and new-school hip-hop subgenres, especially if you

  • 03.30.18

    Although mixtapes and albums seem practically indistinguishable from each other, there are a few key differences.

  • 03.23.18

    Starting your rap career isn’t always going to be easy. It requires discipline, research, and hard-work. Emerging rap artists in

  • 03.16.18

    Writing great lyrics isn’t easy, but sharing your experience through the written word is, arguably, the

  • 03.09.18

    Baltimore residents know it better than anyone else: Baltimore is the best city in America. And that certainly is the

  • 03.06.18

    Time to show Baltimore City and the rest of the hip-hop world what you’ve got. Here

The Talent.

Deeboy HD

Deeboy HD has a calming vocal style that captivates his fans and entrances his audiences. Originally from the streets of west Baltimore, he pulls you into his hip hop lullabies that centers your mind as you grind to his unique lyrical style.

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Geter HD

Geter HD is from South Baltimore and is part of the HD music group. He is known for working with high profile hip hop artists PNB Rock, Jada KIss and Styles P. Fellow HD Artist Lor Choc HD and Geter HD have made numerous HITS together. Geter HD has the distinctive ability to compose music and lyrics in real time.

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Lor Choc

Lor Choc is from West Baltimore and is most well-known for her freestyle videos on world star hip hop. She has received over a million views on world star. Her hit single, "Run up on me" is currently trending locally and reaching beyond the streets of Baltimore. Lor Choc has a very unique sense of style and free flow energy that carries into her music.

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Combining street sensibility and melodic beats, Juice brings a unique musical fragrance to en la calle. Juice comes from West Baltimore and fuses his authentic self with a constant hunger for knowledge and collaborative expression.

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Wizzy Wiz

Wizzy Wizz aka Westside Wizz is a songwriter/musician and CEO of En La Calle Records, Inc. She has been making music since High School but really began to take it seriously upon returning home from deployment to Afghanistan in 2012. She is a U.S. Army Veteran. Seeing the potential in a few of her close friends, she decided to assist her family in becoming COO of En La Calle Records and later becoming CEO. She has dedicated her life to making sure this company and artists have very fulfilling and successful careers. The best is yet to come. "Excellence Demands Sacrifice"

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Reezie is a Baltimore native who overcame the challenges of his childhood through the therapy of his musical talent. His style is versatile from down south to mid-west to west coast style back on over to the east. Reezie is incomparable and adds a diverse sensibility to the en la calle family.

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Fameboy Tay

Born and bread Baltimore rapper and singer Fameboy Tay has been an integral part of the En La Calle Records family since it's inception. Touting well know singles like "Where I'm from" and "check me a bag", Fameboy Tay is also well known for being the featured artist in the hit single "Unorthodox" by Blue Benjamin Beezy.

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